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Server Security

Solid Protection

Added possibilities and measures in security to tackle a
diverse range of cyber-attacks and malpractices!
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Configures, Monitors and Detects Issues with efficient analysis to establish
corrective procedures maximizing the value of your technology infrastructure.
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Secure & Fast

This is the right time to get the best hosting solutions in the
world at the most cost-effective packages!
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Round-the-clock monitoring that ensures your data, server,
cloud networks stay out of harm’s way with advanced technologies!
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The urgency and complexity in today’s business timeline has made us craft innovative and stellar solutions in hosting, server management and in its security as well as in monitoring! Choose our services and Get access to certified, professional aid with latest technological advancements and round-the-clock support at affordable packages.

24/7 Support

Be it technical assistance or queries, we got you covered.

Complete Security

Effectively counters any degree of even the most malicious attacks.

Keen Expertise

Certified experts with the right knowledge offering you guaranteed solutions.

Strategic Solutions

Configure your business network infrastructure with robust and peak performances.


Web Hosting ! Solutions beyond your expectations.

Deep-learned professionals at the top of their game will offer you the best and globally recognized solutions for integrating high efficiency in your business!

  • In-depth analysis and reporting
  • Dedicated personnel
  • High performance
  • Major platform support
  • Quick response and resolution
  • 24/7 support

Starts at $20.00/hour *

Server Security ! Stringent security, Maximum protection.

Implementing exclusive and feasible security features on both the hardware and software side of your server, with the latest software tweaks and periodic updates.

  • Latest anti-virus protection
  • Regular Security auditing
  • Monthly fixes
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Memory management
  • Less vulnerabilities

Starts at $59.00/month *


Server Management ! Complete solutions, Right support.

Configuring your network infrastructure with deep encryption facilities, and appropriate server hardening plans devised by expert personnel

  • Proactive management
  • Scalability
  • Round-the-clock support
  • External storage and hard drives
  • Stringent backups
  • Disaster recovery

Starts at $30.00/hour *

NOC Monitoring Services ! Knowledgeable specialists, Advanced detection.

Consistent monitoring solutions that offers routine troubleshooting with best industrial practices for total control of your networks and increased operational efficiency in your business.

  • Stability
  • Root cause detection
  • Hourly status checks
  • Extensive resources
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Peak efficiency

Starts at $39.9/hour *


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If you have in-house provisions to manage your technical concerns, we would not advise you to consider us. If it is vice versa, then you could outsource your concerns to TechServer as we can maximize your ROI, by providing high quality support and services. We will take care of your technical complications and help you focus more on your core competencies for your organization’s growth and development.


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