The Topmost Advantages of Using Firewall for Business

 Anyone who operates a computer on a daily basis is familiar with the term “firewall”. But what exactly does a firewall do? Firewall is a process of controlling network access to one or more computers. The internet is a massive network which comprises of your computer. A firewall safeguards your computer by functioning as a door through which all data must pass on. The firewall safeguards your computer system or network from unauthorized users and safeguards your data from attack.

types of firewall

In this digital age, most of the business concerns require a firewall as a basic layer of protection. The firewall operates as a shield, between your computer and network. While connected to the internet you continuously send and receive information in smaller units called the packets. These packets are therefore filtered by the firewall to make sure if they meet particular standards fixed by a chain of rules, and subsequently allows or blocks the data.

What are the different types of Firewall?

1. Network Firewall

This particular firewall offers a necessary shield to prevent unwanted traffic from entering the network. They function by operating a series of network firewall security rules to choose to authorize or reject the access to the network.

Certain rules include the following:

  • Rejecting access to all traffic, excluding traffic meant for particular ports related to a particular application operating within the network.
  • Accepting or rejecting entry to data using certain procedures or from certain IP addresses.

2. Cloud-Based Firewalls

Cloud-based firewall is a substitute for a firewall operating in the data center, and its purpose is to safeguard a network, database, application or other IT resources.

3. Web Application Firewalls

This is basically a proxy server that stays in between an application operating on a server and the application’s users who access the application from outside the network. A crucial benefit of this firewall is that the application is protected from port scans, efforts to control the software operating on the application server, or other malicious activity directed by end users at the application.

The Firewall Advantage!

The biggest advantage of the firewall is that functions as a barrier between the internal and external networks, and consequently, help to prevent unauthorized access. If any kind attack comes from the internet, firewall act as a barrier and clean those attacks. Firewall is also a medium to control the internet speed. The prevention system of firewall depends upon many standards such as the sites are not used properly and the host of the server is assigned or not.

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