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TechServer Support’s NOC Monitoring services are offered to clients all over the world to ensure that every programs and applications are running smoothly. The specialists at TechServer will ensure to monitor client servers and Cloud storages on a 24*7 work culture. Reports and alerts are immediately sent to them if an issue pops up or persists. The monitoring experts will engage in the issue at the time it shows up and will resolve the issue efficiently to makes sure that your businesses are not affected in its smooth operations.

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Our Outsourced NOC Monitoring Services Include:

Cloud Monitoring

TechServer Support cloud-based monitoring solutions offer extensive benefits to customers desiring to achieve enhanced visibility of their environments at a cost-effective price.

Server Monitoring

Maintaining and monitoring your server is a constant procedure in order to keep it safe. TechServer Support provides constant support for monitoring your server at a price that exactly fits your budget.

Network Monitoring

Complete, intelligent, modern and cost-effective network operations center and monitoring services that seamlessly meets your business requirements, avoiding downtime and repairs.

Application Monitoring

End-to-end management, proactive health and performance monitoring for the most suited solutions for your business by providing in-depth evaluation and analysis of entire applications. At TechServer Support, we provide NOC services monitoring and outsourcing for various types of network, server, and database along with function upgrades while significantly cutting down your operational costs.

NOC Monitoring Services

TechServer Support’s qualified and certified NOC Monitoring services have unique service aspects and high efficiency.

Cloud Monitoring

Simple and easy cloud monitoring services for most cloud environments with unique and best methodologies.

  • Quick and easy configuration/installation
  • Dedicated hardware and tools
  • Zero interruptions

Server Monitoring

In-depth visibility for key performance by tailoring solutions according to your needs and specifications.

  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Strict project evaluation methods
  • Consistent monitoring

Network Monitoring

The right network administrators and operators actively monitoring to safeguard your network and IT infrastructure.

  • Intelligent solutions
  • Deep expertise
  • High level service

Application Monitoring

Making sure your routine work stays unaffected with a wide range of internal resources made to deliver you the best!

  • Zero blind spots
  • Real-time metrics
  • Full-stack monitoring

Server Load Monitoring

Offering solutions to effectively implement and benefit your server resource usage for your customers in gaining a better end-user experience.

  • All hardware monitoring
  • Advanced solutions
  • Integrated support

Disk Space Monitoring

Gain vital insights about your server disk space by utilizing proper tools and configuring for critical disk threshold alert and evaluation.

  • Easy deployment
  • Daily reports
  • Storage optimization

Spam Monitoring

Identifies a wide range of spam content based on its risk factor using spam score testing for a better email receiving and inbox placement.

  • Network and domain cleaning
  • Spam/malware source detection
  • Quarantine Management


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Advantage !

TechServer Support is always a reliable partner you can trust to outsource your Server Monitoring service without making any second thoughts.

Prompt Reports

TechServer Support’s managed NOC Monitoring services concentrate on non-stop checks and offer prompt reports with notifications and alerts. Our integrated network monitoring service helps in coordinating the processes.

Outstanding Monitoring

We, at TechServer Support, combine an outstanding network monitoring system software solutions with a NOC in order to provide a combined and well-controlled service and know-how to worldwide clients.


Our outsourced NOC Monitoring solutions monitor the client's network on a round-the-clock basis for finding out security breaches before they cause any problem to reduce the same.

24/7 Customer Support

We ensure to attend the queries or needs of our clients at any time of the day and offer the service without any delay.

About Company

TechServer Support is a leading hosting company who offer cost-effective solutions to clients all around the globe. Our services are universally accepted for its quality and ability to take up massive volumes of works. We provide 24*7 customer support, to facilitate complete support to our potential customers worldwide.

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