Network Monitoring

‘Network Monitoring’ is a system or a process of constantly monitoring the activity of a network and it notifies the administrator during the instance of a malfunction or device failures. Outsourcing networking monitoring services is one of the best solutions used to track bandwidth utilization, availability, and the response time of various network devices.

TechServer Support is a globally established IT Infrastructure and Security Management firm offering highly consistent network monitoring services to clients worldwide. Our team of professional and well-experienced technical admins will ensure to identify and rectify any network related problems, even before it surfaces.

We successfully offer solutions for multiple networks or databases such as network infrastructure monitoring, IT infrastructure management, Linux network monitoring, managed network services, etc. in MNCs and small to medium enterprises. We utilize the best network monitoring system and network infrastructure monitoring tools in our solutions.

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The major network monitoring services offered by TechServer are

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Intelligent remote monitoring solutions

Our team takes the initiative of merging the intelligent remote network monitoring system/software solution along with a network operation center. It will assist in delivering a single merged and well-organized service experience to our esteemed clients.

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Real-time reports

We execute the end-to-end checks and also ensure to offer our clients with the real-time reports along with the notifications and needed alerts. We provide the integrated remote network solutions which will assist in coordinating the various procedures.

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Monitor spamming

We monitor the jeopardies which indicate the spam security risks in a network. The spam is an unrequested email which is sent in large quantity to the unknown users for the various commercial and malignant purposes. We help our clients to eliminate the incoming of certain spam emails.

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Monitor server load

At times, the unavailability of servers or the issue of server overload can have an adverse effect on an organization. We will help you to fetch the data which will help you to analyze whether the configuration of the present system is efficient or not. Our top-notch monitor server load functions are:

  • Setting up of the server monitoring system
  • Automated and manual monitoring
  • Server performance analytics
  • Server monitoring dashboard
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Monitor disk space

Our perfect disk space monitoring service will help you to detect the servers which have only a small amount of disk space left. It will assist in optimizing the available free space in a disk and thus, minimize the risk of server downtime. Our team will closely monitor the usage of the disk space by the multiple servers, along with the efficient monitoring of the disk utilization in the servers.

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Application monitoring

Our dedicated team of admins offer the constant and comprehensive monitoring of the different application such as Windows app, Linus, or web apps. We ensure that the various software applications or the networks preserve and maintain the performance level needed to support the desired business result.

Hiring our network monitoring and network security services will help you with the following benefits:

  • Minimizing the downtime
  • Offering the service at a cost-effective price
  • Comprehensive network monitoring on a 24*7 basis
  • Designed for your Operational Flow
  • Effortless Integration
  • Diverse Technological Expertise
  • Strong Customer Support

TechServer Support's Network Monitoring services are highly efficient as our certified specialists and advanced monitoring system technology is quickly able to spot issues very early. We assure timely and latest definitions, upgrades and updates delivering better performance for your network eliminating downtimes and repairs that affects your business enterprise.


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