Optimized and Secure cPanel Server Management

cPanel is a Linux-based digital web hosting control panel and it offers an excellent graphical interface and automatically designed tools to ease the process of website hosting.

If you want to make use of one of the best cPanel server support for Linux and Windows Supported operating systems, TechServer Support is here to assist you on a round the clock basis.

Looking for solutions in cPanel server managment ? Get the assistance of TechServer’s support team!

Our team of dedicated and professional technical assistance and assistance will ensure to deliver exceptional cPanel server support and management services at cost-effective packages.

Our team of experts undertake the responsibility of handling numerous support tasks such as setting up a new server, configuring and optimizing the server, restoring the backups, server security, server hardening, detecting spammers, etc.

TechServer’s professionals have a great amount of experience in working with various types of cPanel servers. We assist to solve your issues swiftly. To ensure accurate and consistent on-time delivery, we possess the ability to deal with your queries 24/7.

Web Hosting Service

The major cPanel server management services offered by us:

Basic Server Security

  • Security and hardening for Linux
  • Installation and configuration of CSF Firewall
  • Breaching alerts using LFD
  • Tweaking of SMTP
  • Hardening of PHP
  • Setup and configuration of Mod security
  • Email alerts for root login
  • Hardening of sysctl.conf
  • Basic Server Management

    • Server Hardening
    • Security tweaks
    • SSL Installations
    • Recompilation of Apache with advanced modules
    • cPanel / WHM and third-party extension support
    • CloudFlare Module Installations
    • Installing ClamAV with Exim Integration
    • Updated systems using latest tools and software

    Server Log Monitoring

    • Spam tracking using Exim server logs
    • Pruning of logs on a regular basis
    • Analysis of security log

    Service Optimization and Tweaks

    • Tweaking of Apache server for optimized performance
    • Optimization of Exim mail server and setting up of system filters
    • Security modification for MySQL optimization
    • Optimization for Lite Speed

    Server Migrations and Data Restoration

    • Backup and restoration for any type
    • Server migration (cPanel to cPanel)

    Server Alert and Notification System

  • We deploy automated systems that offers advanced system alert and monitoring for your cPanel that covers a wide range of server and security related issues.
  • Monitoring Services

  • Monitoring of host
  • HTTP Monitoring
  • Service Email alerts (Critical, Recovery) after Reboots
  • Alerts for email services
  • Datacenter Communication via Emails or LiveChat for Reboots
  • Connectivity and communication for datacenters
  • Our deep methodologies also have the following:

  • Resource utilization statistics
  • Diagnosis of issues related to logs
  • Automated configurations
  • Third-party attack neutralization for your servers
  • High-end security
  • Easy Transfer Tool
  • Local and Remote and local backup options
  • Efficiency of TechServer Support?

    TechServer Support has one of the best intrusion detection, threat research facilities, malicious program neutralization techniques developed using advanced technology and eminent personnel. The work culture adapted by us has proven to be successful in configuring high quality and the best firewalls for clients all over the world at the most cost-effective prices
    • Possessing enhanced security policy
    • Safeguarding your data from threats
    • Periodical security audits
    • Understanding your business model
    • Protection of your Cyber assets
    • Enhancing Firewall functionality
    • Securing your network
    • Expert Firewall management
    TechServer is the best partner for companies who want to experience a rise in their business functions and to expand their functions all around the globe.


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