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TechServer Support domain name registration services enable business concerns to register their online brand presence. Registration of your domain name is easy and simple with our domain registration services. We offer .com, .edu, .net and, biz and domain extensions that have the ability to build your business website more search significant and expressive on the universal platform.

You can choose from a wide range of domain names, buy and renew at an affordable price. We allow you to search for the availability of domain names that perfectly suit your business so that you can get a remarkable starting. This will make sure that the given details are present in your site. We at TechServer Support makes sure that we deliver quality enriched service to clients depending on our work. We are equipped with qualified and professional experts how can deliver work on time without causing any defaults or without making any downfalls in the quality of the work given to us.

TechServer Support brings an array of domain names to choose from at the most reasonable process. Our services spread across a variety of customized dedicated server hosting, domain registration, shared hosting and cloud hosting solutions. We do not charge any additional costs for your privacy and assure that

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TechServer’s IT infrastructure and environment is having leading edge technology complete with all the necessary additions. We provide major features in our offshore domain name registration services and DNS web domain hosting such as domain locking that will only permit authorized access or transfer of your domain names and the provision to unlock your domain as required by you.

TechServer’s domain registration services have easy and advantageous management for your domain control allowing all aspects of your domains to be managed. The email account features provided compiled with the best FTP access for safe and encrypted file transfers etc. done by the in-house technicians will always makes sure that your websites are up and running 24/7. We have advanced troubleshooting mechanisms and technical know-how that ensures a hassle-free experience. Data redundancy, disaster recovery, scalable architecture, advanced spam and threat detection features have cutting-edge features for sturdy security and website protection.

We deploy advanced and performance-oriented set of processors that are designed to tackle numerous kinds of issues, incidents and cyberattacks. Do not worry about the technical glitches that used to affect your company websites as TechServer is here to handle and effectively remove your every concerns.

TechServer Support Advantage!

TechServer Support is highly known to provide rapid domain name registration services and web hosting solutions at the most budget-oriented prices that will benefit your business in a big way. We offer good insights into our services and client requirements/specifications with the technology that highly favors in managing your online presence. Our processes has the following perks:
  • The easy and hassle-free registration procedure
  • 24*7 support for domain and registration
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • 98% guaranteed network operating time for hosting services
TechServer Support is the perfect partner to deal with for business concerns who want to experience quality domain registration services to create a unique identity for you on the web with your domain name and email that catches the target audience attention.


To know more about TechServer Support and its services contact us or drop us a mail at and know how our services can make your company reach out to greater heights.
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