Reliable, Secure, and Attack-proof Server Hardening Solutions

Server Hardening services or applications offers instruction for safeguarding the relevant systems on which they are applied against. This instruction basically contains information protection, best practice management for operating systems, applications and firmware in securing these systems.

Our Linux and Windows Hosting Security solutions guarantees that our clientele overcome the most important aspects of controlling a successful business such as performance restrictions, security failures, and overspending. As a matter of fact, we offer services in Linux and Windows server hardening. We create a baseline for security on your servers for your organization.

TechServer Support can help you to develop a server hardening plan and execute the same for installing a new server in a secure manner while keeping the security reliability of the server and application software. Your Linux and Windows server security is greatly enhanced with our server security hardening and secure server hosting services.

TechServer has arranged a diverse range of plans, better performances and much needed security software to put them together into a set that can be installed and configured on any Linux server. We only offer one-time services, except you have a server management strategy with us we will not offer future security related assistance. Below mentioned is our server hardening plans

Web Hosting Service

Server Hardening Plans

Linux Socket Monitor

Detects/alerts when new sockets are created on your system, often revealing hacker activity.

MySQL tune and check

Ensure that MySQL is properly configured and tuned for your server’s needs.

Rootkit Hunter

Rootkit Hunter is an essential tool in detecting possible root compromise and rootkit installation.

OpenSSH configuration check

OpenSSH is checked to make sure that only SSHv2 procedure is allowed.


It is a common Unix-based program intended to help system administrators check their system for known rootkits.

Name server configuration check

If your server is running bind, we'll check to insure it's functioning properly and will disable open DNS recursion.

Firewall Installation/Configuration

We install and custom configure a complete stateful packet inspection netfilter firewall. Offers more protection than standard iptables.

Apache tune and check

Check that apache is correctly configured and tuned for your server’s requirements and that it is the latest version and upgrade if necessary.

Delete unnecessary OS users

On a standard OS installation many user accounts are created that are not necessary and can therefore pose a security risk.

Login Failure Daemon

Integrates with the above firewall to block hacking and system intrusion attempts (such as brute force Ssh and ftp attacks).

Eliminate unused procedures

Default OS configurations often run services that are not needed and can be a security risk if left running.

Install Logwatch

Is a log analysis program that parses through system logs and generates periodic reports based on criteria specified by the user.

We also offer ModSecurity for your firewalls enhancing its protection from diverse cyberattacks on web applications. A real-time monitoring is also established for web traffic analysis.

The TechServer Advantage !

Techserver support is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures and resources to produce quality oriented and secured solutions in windows server hardening that fits within your financial agenda. Our highly talented server administrator team is available to fully control day to day management of security layers providing you reliable security solutions. With our 24*7 support, professionals give you round-the-clock support without making any delays in your queries.


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